Afraid to Try

The piece of writing we just wrote, the song we just produced, the business we dream of starting…

Not only do these things already exist, but they exist in a much better form than we will ever realize.

And so, we spend another day not trying.

We save the idea we had for someone else to catch.

We watch the world as the noise scatters and collaborates around the given issue of the day…

The gorilla that’s been shot, the politician that gives us something to be frustrated about, or the kid that raped someone to remind us that, yes, rape is in fact still bad.

Nothing’s really changed.

The world blasts ideologies and assumptions expecting us to spend our precious energy drinking their Kool-Aid…

Then a quote pops, egging us on to pursue our dreams.

Another story gets shared of someone achieving success despite all the odds.

A spark of inspiration begins to swell in our gut…

And we don’t know how to do it. We don’t know how to try. We don’t know how to develop courage enough to break away from the pack.

So we wait.

We wait for the world to create another issue for us, rather then invest energy towards building our own thing…

Something that we may fail at.

All the while, people continue to challenge themselves, to challenge the status quo.

This post isn’t about success, it isn’t about pursuing a dream, or making good art.

This post is just an opportunity to share honest thought.

It won’t write a book for me, or produce a film I could be proud of.

It won’t start a business for me, or cause someone to realize something they didn’t already know…

It’s just a stepping stone. An honest step in the direction I want to go.

A chance to connect with the world on how I think and feel.

It’s just another chance to spend 24 hours hiding away from social media as I presume the worst.

As I assume the worlds judgment for my own attempt at honesty.

And for this reason, I know that it’s good…I know that it’s part of doing, becoming, and moving towards my own future…

Because I’m afraid to share it.

I’m afraid to try.


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