-The Captains Call to Action-

Cool Hand Hayes (Hayes Johnson) spits consciousness to the flow of rhythm and poetry:


(For my E-mail friends, check out Hayes Johnson’s excursion into the consciousness of Hip-Hop here: -The Captains Call to Action-)

“Teeter totter twitter pated eager for an even bother
worthy cause a wordy pause alerted to a hurried cause
a flurried blur the worthy bird so made a flight it didn’t
a sacrament of active rendering is unrepentant
so when it goes and out it comes or else it duly doesn’t
unruly is a foolishness a folly went a buzzing so…
calming of the sea of thought is often seen or thought to be the common beam that holds the mast accast a fast along the seams
the reeling of the ropes are what provides a true direction
so make captain proof to loose the captains noose provide protection
and once this ship has set to sea the sails provide a rival traction that enacts a forward thrust
the captains call to action.”

Hayes Johnson


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