Powerlessness and Doing Scary Shit (#2)

I’ve been trying to understand what’s right, and what’s wrong, about what I’m doing. It’s been tough to figure out if speaking openly about AA could do damage to something good…

On one hand, I just wanna keep it real and share honest shit. Not just in meetings, but in everything I do.

On the other hand, I don’t want to distinguish myself as a separate entity from the groups I choose to engage with.

(Even though, philosophically, I don’t affiliate my identity with group ideology.)

The problem with the subject matter I’ve been exploring (publishing my own shares in AA meetings, discussing “why” 12-steps work, and commenting on traditions) is that it could be easy for someone to assume that I am representing a form of idealized AA recovery.

And I don’t wanna have that JuJu. (I’m Jew enough as it is) so…

I won’t be recording myself in 12-step meetings anymore.

Here’s the final episode of my two part podcast:

(For my e-mail friends, click the link above to stream/download the .mp3 file from the website.)

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