Inside the Minds Eye w/ Hayes Johnson (Redux)

I just listened to our podcast from last year and it was great. If you’re wanting to hear a story about drug addiction, consequence, and the pursuit of artistry give this episode a listen 👇it’s weird as shit 😉👌

Inside the Minds Eye w/ Hayes Johnson on iTunes:…/inside-the-minds-e…/id1054275204…


Hayes Johnson was homeless, traveling a nomadic lifestyle for the better part of 10 years.

From smoking crystal meth, to vagabonding on trains, to pursuing a path of sobriety; Hayes shares his life experience as a performance artist.

He offers art in the form of sideshow entertainment: swallowing swords, hammering nails into his face, rapping, singing, playing guitar…

Hayes has cultivated a skill set that allows him to build a crowd in any arena, be it the street, or the stage, but, he gets nervous every time he performs.

As soon as he takes a plunge into the unknown, to express himself and be seen, something happens.

He’s given gusto, a surge of wind, carrying him through the performance.

A few weeks ago, we drove to his home, “The Black Hold Bordello”, to catch a conversation:

(For my E-mail friends, click the picture above to watch the short film.)

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