Inside the Minds Eye w/ Dadge Parrish aka #ForeverMusik

When the cell door shut, reality closed in around him.

30 years…

He would be 48 before he’d ever take a free breath.

His dream of pursuing a career as a musician ended with the turning of a cell key.

But, he refused to believe he was committed for life. He took his thoughts and projected them towards freedom.

His days were spent learning law; studying his case and developing the means to represent himself. In a legal system that allowed for a change of representation at any moment, he had to understand his situation.

His energy went towards knowledge, while his body gravitated away from music.

The rap on the radio, the other inmates spouting poetry in the form of rhythm and rhyme…

The idea of becoming a rapper haunted him.

He would never manifest his dreams while locked in a cage…

He avoided music for a time, focusing his thoughts towards something he could control.
Developing the education and awareness to see himself through. To survive the onslaught of cruel conformity and oppression. To gather intel and create a path in hopes of countering a system that found him guilty against his best defense.

The years continued to pass…

He never gave up, and eventually, he let himself dream again.

He allowed his imagination to expand into a realm of creative self expression.

He picked up the pencil and began to write. He dove into a passion for rap music that, for a time, he believed would never be a reality.

He found his voice and began to hone is craft.

Recently released from an 11 year stint in prison, Dadge Parrish is now pursuing the path of an artist. Exploring himself fervently in pursuit of change. Sharing himself in the form of Rhythm and Poetry…

This is: Inside the Minds Eye w/ Dadge Parrish aka ‪#‎ForeverMusik‬

To Listen on iTunes:…/inside-the-minds-e…/id1054275204…

To support Dadge follow him on Soundcloud:

To view films of Dadge performing freestyle and written word visit: and search “Dadge Parrish”

To support the community and connect with Dadge, visit:


“Inside the Minds Eye”- Written and Produced by Chase Perry and Adam Abramowitz featuring the song “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears

“Forever G Style”- Written and Performed by Dadge Parrish aka #ForeverMusik

“C.R.E.A.M. Instrumental”- Wu-Tang Clan

“Ghetto Summary”- Written and Performed by Dadge Parrish aka #ForeverMusik

“One Day”- Written and Performed by Dadge Parrish aka #ForeverMusik

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