Without You, There Would Be No “Me”

The only reason the world exists is because we have the ability to see it.

Without you, there would be no “me”.

We are shaped by beliefs that existed long before we were born.

We are governed by things that have been created by us: God, Religion, and Time.


100 years ago, only the wealthy could afford a watch.

In the beginning, owning a clock was not just a projection of luxury, it was a source of power.

During the industrial revolution, factories hired “overseers” to wake up the assembly line workers in the morning.

The “overseer” aligned their schedule according to the hands of a clock (provided by their boss) and physically went to each workers home to knock on their door and wake them up for work.

Humans were unaccustomed to beginning a day according to the tick of a clock. Up until that point, the day started and ended according to the natural rising & setting of our sun.

For the first time in history, humans used clocks as a logistic for measuring the value of someones time.

The world adapted itself on the whim of those who had the ability to control it…

And eventually, a 40 hour work week was born.

The things we create are just as real as this post.

Everyday we walk around with stories influencing “who we are”. Some of the stories are projected via news, media, and society but, the most important stories are the ones we create ourselves. The voice in our head that affirms, or denies, things that we can, or can’t, do.

We can embrace the things we’re shown, spend energy to disprove them, or retreat into our mind, dissembling preconceived notions of what life is.

We can wipe our internal hard drive and reformat it to store ideas that allow us to flourish.

The best thing about being human is the ability to create what we want to believe in.

To create the life we would like to lead.

An infinite ability that allows us to direct our own story as we see fit, to challenge ourselves and try things only we (our individual selves) can imagine.

A lot of times we can get hung up on what other people are saying or doing, but the fact is, we don’t have to digest anything.

We can move past things that don’t deliver us value.

We can choose to conserve our energy and accept people for who they are, without attempting to change them…

Moving briskly towards the people, places, and things that provide us with a means to move forward, in whatever endeavor our heart desires.

Without you, there would be no me.

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