Y’know what’s more powerful than believing in God?

Believing in yourself.

It’s more difficult too.

Like, way way way more difficult.

You can wake up in the morning and change what you want to believe in.

You can pray to Moses, Mohamed, Jehova, Jesus, or The Universe.

You can be grateful for the sun, the waves, the trees, the sky, and the stars.

But you can’t just wake up and change “who you are”…

You’ve actually gotta “do” something.

Usually, it’s something scary. Something that you love, or want try, but your afraid of doing it because you might fail. You’re afraid of what people “might think”.

It’s accepting the weight of your own life up until that moment and refusing to accept that “this” is all there is.

When someone wakes up like that, looks around the world they inhabit, and finally says,

“Fuck it…I’m doing something different.”

They change.

Life begins to look like a playground, and the entire world is your mistress…

So you try.

And you feel all sorts of feelings:

Self doubt, anxiety, insecurity.

Loneliness, laziness, and procrastination.

The dreams of “who you want to be” are way ahead from where you “actually” are.

And you look around at your friends and family. And they can’t seem to see the world as you do.

They try to understand, but really, they worry. The changes you mean to make are beyond their comprehension. They can only hear your words and…

We live in a world where our words barely make a ripple.

And you’ll try to convince people that your different; that you actually mean what you say.

So, you’ll try things, and do things. You’ll work your butt off and no one will be there to see it. No one will be cheering you on and you’ll feel totally alone.

You’ll begin to doubt whether or not the dream of your life is even possible.

So you’ll pray.

But this time, you don’t only pray to your god…

You pray to yourself.

And if you hold on until the next day…

The world will lead you where your meant to go.

And you’ll know exactly what to do:

to become a better you.


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