3 Minute Audio Reflections

Who wants to join a message group where we share audio reflections (up to 3 minutes) on how we’re thinking/feeling throughout the day?

E-mail me your phone number, and I’ll add you to the group: Adamaz87@gmail.com (Once you join and want to leave the group, I’ll remove your number from the list)

Here are the guidelines for participation:

-Try to keep the audio recordings around 3 minutes & 20 seconds max (you can go over if you need to.)

-Everything shared in this group, stays in this group. Whatever recordings we create are for our own use, no one else’s. So please, don’t “save” a recording from this thread to send to someone outside of this group.

-When recording an audio, pull up the “voice memo” application on your phone and start recording…if you use an iPhone, you can use the “press-to-record” microphone button.

-Once you’ve finished recording, send it to the group

-The group is for sharing audio recordings only. Feel free to chime in and reference what you hear from other recordings, but please DO NOT “text” or “respond” to the group.

-Many of us may not recognize the phone numbers in the group. If you would like to reach out(or reply) to someone, feel free to communicate with them individually.

-When recording a “voice memo”, please label the audio recording with a few words describing what you talked about.

-This group is an environment for authentic self-expression. We are seeking to understand each other…not judge, change, or fix.

-If you would like someone to join the group, please send me a personal message and I’ll add them.

Feel free to allow your thoughts to explore themselves as you speak.

No recording will ever be perfect and…

There is no wrong way to keep it real.

Thanks for participating!

-Adam Abramowitz (Adamaz87@gmail.com)


If you’re not sure what to talk about, here are some topics:

“How are you thinking/feeling today?

“Do you have any changes you want to make in your life?”

“Reflect about your own fears/insecurities”

“Reflect about your own passions/dreams”

“What do you want to do today for your own growth/development”

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