When Ideas Create Reality

I started this blog a year and a half ago to share my experiences, and my thoughts, in pursuit of a dream.

I wanted to become a published author.

The act of writing every day, and publishing things that scared me, taught me to risk sharing the man I was, in pursuit of the man I wanted to become.

Every time I published an essay, podcast, or video I was terrified.

I would share an article and then sit on my driveway; anxiety and fear pulling a pit into my stomach.

I imagined everyone was reading, and no one was reading. I pretended that the words I wrote had meaning and my expressions made a difference.

I felt the world peering into my mind and it scared me.

I wondered if anyone else believed- if anyone else thought it was possible to apply dedication, drive, and focus to realize a dream.

I found solace in the work of other creatives.

I started my own podcast as an excuse to interview people who were pursuing their own dreams. I regularly browsed Facebook to find friends who were Musicians, Rappers, Entrepreneurs, and Artists.

I reached out to talk about creativity, self-expression, and vulnerability.

I worked at a mental health hospital for a year and a half.

I could sense a strong will within each person; an individual reality we all reside in…

Everyone was different.

And still, I kept writing.

Writing allowed me to see myself. To better understand my thoughts, emotions, and ideas as separate entities. Like a mirage in the form of “me”. A person attempting to understand how he thinks, feels, and acts.

I began to understand the world differently and I came to an idea:

An app that would facilitate new way of interacting online.

A peer-to-peer network rooted in authentic self-expression.

I began to draft out, and design, a software that would allow for humanistic growth and development. A software that would facilitate a non-judgmental environment, allowing a person freedom of expression. A place to keep it real and connect with others who wanted to better understand themselves.

Last summer, I drafted a prototype.

In November 2016, I began to present myself(and my ideas) at tech conferences around town.

I wanted to meet other people who felt discouraged by the way we interact on the internet. I wanted to find others who were frustrated with the idea of “liking”, “affirming”, or “projecting” images online.

I wanted to get to know people who believed in principles of honesty and interconnectivity.  Vulnerability, self-expression, and growth.

I wanted to find a team that could help me bring my dream to reality.

And, I didn’t know how to do it…

I just knew I had to try.

Now, I’ve met some folks who are passionate about making a change.

We are moving forward to develop an MVP (minimum viable product) for the software we’ve envisioned.

We have two engineers (Anil and Kiran), a UI/UX Designer (Sandy) and a data analyst/philoso-bro (Owen).

We’ve got a team, we’ve got a plan, and we’ve got focus:

First Meeting Kiran, Owen, Sandy.jpg

Anil lives in India. He doesn’t actually live inside an iPhone. (I know. It would be a lot cooler if he did.)

Everything seems to be changing, while nothing is changing at all.

I’m still sitting at my laptop; writing words and sharing them with the internet…

The only difference is I don’t feel so alone anymore.

Because of this, I am changing the direction of this website. It will be a place for my own art.

I will continue to write, record, and share, but it will be my own personal expressions, rather than that of the group.

I will be creating a new website for the development of the APP, and, I’ll make sure to update everyone as soon as it’s live.

The new website will be a documentation of our journey as a team: creating, building, and sharing the journey towards realizing our app.

I will continue to explore myself in my writing and share it with you.

Thanks so much for reading and for sharing the experience with me. I will be forever grateful for the eyes, and the words, of those who continue to encourage.

Love. Peace. Chicken Grease.

Adam Abramowitz

3 thoughts on “When Ideas Create Reality

  1. Good luck, I read all your stuff. it is very good.

    *David Abramowitz* *770-688-5847* http://www.linkedin.com/in/abramowitz1

    On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 11:19 AM, U.I. Minds Eye wrote:

    > Adam Abramowitz posted: ” I started this blog a year and a half ago to > share my experiences, and my thoughts, in pursuit of a dream. I wanted to > become a published author. The act of writing every day, and publishing > things that scared me, taught me to risk sharing the man I w” >

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