Inside the Minds Eye w/ Debbie Loshbough

Debbie Loshbough has been sober from drugs and alcohol for 20 years. She is a certified Higher Brain Living Facilitator, an Atlas Balancer, a Lifeline Technique Practitioner and an artist with plans to write a book.

In this episode, we share a conversation about how our culture perceives reality. We discuss a shift in how we interact with the world; constantly connected with anyone, anywhere.

We started this episode talking about her life, a journey that brought her to communicate with a son she believed she would never meet.

24 hours after her mother’s passing, the child Debbie placed for adoption 37 years prior got in touch with her…

This is Inside the Minds Eye with Debbie Loshbough

On Soundcloud:

For my E-mail friends, access the episode on Soundcloud (Soundcloud Link) or iTunes (iTunes Link)

Deborah Loshbough helps people guide themselves into a better sense of awareness by facilitating a change in how the brain functions.

To get in touch with Debbie:

Debbie Loshbough


Certified Higher Brain Living Facilitator

Certified Atlas Balancer

LifeLine Technique Practitioner

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