How We Got to Now (“Shared Space”)

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This is a throwback to a little over a year ago when I wrote the thesis for “Shared Space”. At the time, the platform was called “U.I. Minds Eye”. After meeting with app developers around town, I realized that I needed a name that better communicated our philosophy.

In my travels, I’ve been to several EDM festivals and sweat lodges. A common method of mindfulness/reflective prayer is to offer an opportunity to “hold space” for someone; an agreement to be mindful of another person, projecting thoughts of positive prayer in their direction.

In the thesis, the name for the “feed” was “shared space” based on the idea that when we engage with someone else’s thoughts, we are sharing space with the residual energy of their consciousness. A time capsule of thought, influencing our mind to connect with a unique conception of reality.

By reading and listening, we open a window into the world as others see it, allowing us to share perspective. An opportunity to better understand the world and our place in it.

Shared Space: An app that encourages introspective self-exploration. Cultivating real perspectives, and authentic connections, with others.

“Exploring Within for the World Around Us”

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