Late Night Thoughts (P Suade “Rise”)

I write to make sense of my thoughts, but a lot of times, it just makes me more confused.

I want to understand why I feel the way that I feel. I want to discover some sort of reason, or an answer, to the meaning of mortality. The experience of existence.

I have a lot of questions and I know they can’t be answered.

So I listen to music. I escape in the artistry of others.

This is a late night post. A post about gratitude.

Thank you for sharing your pursuit. For letting me, and many others, join in your journey.

It has made the moment more bearable than you’ll ever know:

(For my e-mail friends, click the picture above to watch the music video.)

2 thoughts on “Late Night Thoughts (P Suade “Rise”)

  1. Hi my friend. Lost have thoughts that make no sense but what you do with does thoughts will make sense to you. Accept life for what it is. Family. Love. Friendship beautiful dreams which creates goals ambition. Life is one big blast of millions of emotions and it’s how we precive and deal with these makes us the person we are. Chase ur dreams love who you love and accept life for what it is. Choice

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