“Life is Hard” (Music Video)

Here’s the music video for our track: “Life is Hard”

(For my e-mail friends, click the picture above to watch the video.)

To make this video, I used clips from two of my favorite films: “Gummo” and “Trainspotting”.

Both of those movies changed the way I experienced art. And while watching the clips to make the video, it rekindled my perspective.

If you haven’t seen either of these films, and you like watching movies that make you feel things you can’t quite understand, give them a watch:

Gummo (Wikipedia)

Trainspotting (Wikipedia)

To download/stream our track: “Life is Hard”, click this link- https://soundcloud.com/psuade/life-is-hard-w-a-z

To watch more videos and get in touch with me or P Suade on social media: www.psuademusic.com


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