An Afternoon with Grandpa

We took a stroll through Congregation Brothers of Israel Cemetery:


IMG_9930.jpgHeres looking at Holtz

IMG_9913Heres looking at you

IMG_9919.jpgWe don’t know who Falk is

IMG_9920.jpgHe’s on the hunt for more Holtz’s

IMG_9925.jpgFound em

IMG_9928.jpgGrandpa found his mom too

IMG_9929.jpgOlga Abramowitz named after “her grandmother probably”- Grandpa

IMG_9930.jpgFound another Holtz

IMG_9932.jpgWe got ourselves a Hyman (Sid’s namesake)

IMG_9933.jpgGrandpa on the move (he had a great pace)

IMG_9935.jpgThink “Abbey Road” Album Cover, but in a cemetery with grandpa.


Grandpa visits Ruebens plot and shows off Dave’s medal [this is a video, click the picture above to watch it (50 seconds)]

IMG_9938.jpgOne of the hundreds of times he almost tripped (I’m keeping an eye on him)

IMG_9940.jpgPlots on plots on plots

IMG_9941.jpgFound the heads of the Holtz household

IMG_9943.jpgGrandpa doesn’t think about death. I asked him and he said when its over its over.

IMG_9946.jpgBen visits his alma mater Long Branch High School

IMG_9947.jpgWe couldn’t figure out how to get in

IMG_9949.jpgSo we walked around

IMG_9952.jpgAnd Ben found the band director

IMG_9953.jpgAnd now the band directors with us


IMG_9958.jpgBen showing off the Brothers of Israel Congregation plaques

IMG_9959.jpgRueben and Olga on display

IMG_9965A rare moment when Ben is not speaking to every person we encounter

IMG_9966Looking for his next target

IMG_9967We walked for a bit and then had cheesesteaks

-The End-

Actually, heres one last video. I call it: “How to Civilian w/ Colonel Ben Abramowitz”


[Click the picture above to watch the video (50 seconds)]

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