The Faceless w/ ZaideGod

ZaideGod, leader of The Faceless, joins me more for a discussion on all things EVERQUEST!!!

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4 thoughts on “The Faceless w/ ZaideGod

  1. The only thing I’ve noticed someone negative happen was when PoP came out, most guilds knocking out poj trials, after that everyone needed to goto postorms for various drops. Well, I went in with a guild group, and then here comes plowing the entire zone. I mean, really? no instances there strangely, so everything was camped and cleared out. Not just the faceless corporation but Greed is Good as well.


  2. I can’t even listen to this word vomit. Zaide is honestly the most selfish player I have personally ever encountered in EQ. His guild has been widely know over multiple servers to be bullies. They train groups, steal mobs, generally trash talk people and act like dicks everywhere they go. This is not MY opinion, this is the general PUBLIC opinion on any server I’ve had the distaste of sharing with him. You’d do yourself a huge favor by steering clear of his guild.


    1. It’s really weird that The Faceless guild exists. This game is so old, most players are grown ups with families, but this guild… They still act like 15 year old trolls and are absolutely toxic, and proud of it. And you’re impressed with them? LOL… hard eye roll


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