Our Lips: The Gates of Truth

Written by: MJ FA

Your lips are gates, gates of truth, gates of kindness, gates of knowledge. If your words are not honest, then they shouldn’t pass the gates of truth. If your words are not uplifting or gentle, then they should not pass the gates of kindness. When your words are not helpful information backed by theoretical understanding, then they should not leave the gates of knowledge.

Wouldn’t the vibe in the air we share be so much sweeter if we could compromise on this advice? If we could accept that other people, have other lives, rather than loudly and directly or indirectly projecting our former pains, rejections and jealousies thru our current daily routine.

It’s just so difficult to talk to someone who clearly has an issue with you, when they don’t want to look you in the eyes and tell you what they feel. Because what they have to say isn’t truth or knowledge or love. It’s a mask for an insecurity they reject owning. It’s a personal conflict they’ve created a losing opposition for. It’s a war against themselves. Their own misery.

They own misery. They become misery and share misery. Infect with misery.

So many of us speak our own opinions out loud so many times that they begin to become facts to us, our own personal slice of reality: a separation. Narrowing our perspective, denying possibilities for ourselves and others, shutting down our empathy for other insights and other beliefs; other people’s decisions become offensive to us. So many of us speak our opinions out loud and unjustly to the wrong ears.

Sometimes the right ears hear them. Sometimes the right eyes see them. Sometimes the heart corrects itself thru a cathartic purge.

Who decides for me? me.
Who upset you? you. ©

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