Inside the Minds Eye w/ Ross Turner Ep. 4

What does it feel like when your life is arranged for action and theres nowhere to go?

Ross Turner joins me for a conversation all about corona, comedy, creativity, stand-up, sponsorship (he was mine), and love. And not just any love, but that romantic falling in love “how did this happen to me and i better not frick it up” type love. Continue reading Inside the Minds Eye w/ Ross Turner Ep. 4

How Do You Know You’re Happy?

“Happiness is something that’s difficult to notice while it’s happening, because when we have lengths of time where everything is “right” we almost become numb to it. It’s almost like we require “more” of something, or we get comfortable and the spark of wonder that we held for granted dissipates when we become complacent…” Continue reading How Do You Know You’re Happy?

Ivy Estelle: A New Style of Hip-Hop

On a recent trip to Israel, I sat down with Ivy Estelle from the New-Alternative Hip-Hop Duo “Aleck & Ivy” to talk about what it means to experience success as an Artist… Expand your ear holes with the track, “Medicine”, from their EP “Sticks in the Mud”:   Exercise your eye sockets with their spankin’ new music video  “Missty Blue”:   To support Ivy and all her creative endeavors, check out the following links: Aleck & Ivy (The Website) Aleck & Ivy (The Facebook Page) Download “Sticks in the Mud” (A Debut EP for the Price of Free)     Continue reading Ivy Estelle: A New Style of Hip-Hop

When Dreams Create Reality

It wasn’t long ago that I felt isolated within my mind, alone in a state of emotional debilitation that spilled waves of doubt upon my spirit… Lost in a plague of confusion as I struggled to make sense of why I felt different from everyone around me. Adrift in an ideology, a way of perceiving reality that (I felt) couldn’t be understood among my friends or family… I’m losing myself. I’m trying to write instead of just letting it flow. I’m writing instead of just thinking on screen… The fact is, for a good length of time, I felt like … Continue reading When Dreams Create Reality