5 Minutes for the Meaning of Life

Adam Abramowitz responds to  “Good Guy” Garrett Golden & Josh Presley‘s thoughts on Life, Death, Truth, and Destiny…


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6 thoughts on “5 Minutes for the Meaning of Life

      1. Art is really good when it contradicts itself or has no real meaning other than a feeling…

        There are hundreds of ways to escape the existential crisis, ways we can distract ourselves from our “self”…

        For me, real value is found when that crisis is put on display.


      2. The well known atheist Sam Harris believes free will and the Self are illusions. There is no Ghost in the machine he declares.
        You are right in a crisis we live for a moment and introspection is forgotten.

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      3. Yea, I dig Sammy H.

        I’ve listened to him on podcasts, & have watched some of his YouTube discussions.

        I have a hard time balancing the idea of free-will…

        Take this conversation for example, currently, I have no choice in how I am proceeding with the words that are flowing from my finger tips…

        I am responding to the stimulation of your thoughts, the words you have sent wirelessly over a great expanse of time & space…

        I am only allowing the voice in my head to express itself through written word.

        To me, this type of connectivity, or, sentient awareness of myself, is astounding.

        I can’t explain it, nor do I believe anyone ever will be able to…

        It’s the unknown that intrigues me, the things my mind does, and the reality that presents itself in any given moment that astound me.

        The fact is, even when I am done typing, I can go back, look at what I’ve written, and “excercise” my self-will…

        I’m not going to.

        Everything always goes back to this idea for me:

        I did not choose to be born, what makes me think I can choose how to live?

        Literally everything I’ve ever know has been shown to me by someone else…

        Entities like my parents, teachers, Sammy H., and even you…

        All of these physical representations of matter, or in our case, interwebbed descriptions of conscious thought, continue to engage my senses…essentially creating a butterfly effect type response that is, in my opinion, completely out of my control…


        I could stop writing.

        But, it’s one of the few things that allow me to experience magic.


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