5 Minutes for the Meaning of Life

Adam Abramowitz responds to  “Good Guy” Garrett Golden & Josh Presley‘s thoughts on Life, Death, Truth, and Destiny…   We’d love to know YOUR truth. Visit our Facebook group page: Thoughtopsy Or send us your perspective via Video, Written Word, Song, Sound Clip, or Mental Thought Exploration to Thoughtopsy2015@gmail.com Continue reading 5 Minutes for the Meaning of Life

“Good Guy” on Life, Death, and Truth (with Josh P.)

“Good Guy” Garrett Golden and Josh Presley explore the question of existence… Whats the point of life? Why are we here? What happens after we die? The boys answers some of these questions, providing insight into their own Truth… Whats yours?     What do you think? Continue reading “Good Guy” on Life, Death, and Truth (with Josh P.)

Fate, Destiny, & God: In Search of Truth

Just as the cosmos expands exponentially into infinity, creating and evolving itself, so does the human mind… A visual excursion into the minds of “Good Guy” Garrett Golden & Adam Abramowitz Written by Garrett just prior to filming: “It’s 1:05pm. Good morning. I’m just waking up, dislike it much I do. I’ve been extremely busy this past week between work, Thanksgiving holiday, and moving into a new home. Today is Saturday, and it’s almost over. Sleeping this late into the afternoon is not worth it to me. It was not worth staying up till 5:30am and wasting away my day. … Continue reading Fate, Destiny, & God: In Search of Truth

An Opinion for Truth

Lust, love, pleasure and pain: All providing an escape from the existential crisis every human across all time and space has pondered… Why am I here, and what is my purpose? These questions can get lost in the vast amount of stimulation provided by the people we are around. Things people say, advice and opinions that are presented by those we respect, can all be processed as fact, when essentially, it is just opinion… I think “The Dude” said it best when he was speaking to the Big Lebowski: “Well… that’s just like, your opinion…man.” And it’s true. For everyone. … Continue reading An Opinion for Truth

The “F” Word

Video Recorded by: Adam Abramowitz (November 5th 2:30am) Written by: Adam Abramowitz (October 31st 6:15pm) -Fear, Anxiety, and Self-Doubt- The tension building up to this moment has lasted for almost a week now. I’m sitting at my laptop, bundled up in a windbreaker jacket, hands still cold from the cigarette I snuck outside; a last puff as the sun began its final descent on the eve of Halloween. A little over a week ago, I made a decision to film myself talking about fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. I want to address my own fear of my face, speaking publicly. I … Continue reading The “F” Word