Inside the Minds Eye w/ Lucien Smith

Creating this podcast has provided me with a gift of release, an opportunity to explore my thoughts and my emotions in the form of art.

A form for creativity and self-expression to hold.

An art form that uses a collaboration of things I love…

Music, writing, storytelling, people, and the passions that drive us.

(on iTunes here: Inside the Minds Eye w/ Lucien Smith)

Since his passing, I have thought of Lucien every day.

I’ve plotted and planned the idea behind this episode. I’ve spoken with friends, family, and sometimes strangers…

I’ve been mentored by other artists who have no idea I exist.

I’ve spoken to an audience that I’ve imagined, and in the process, I’ve captured an emotion that I have been struggling to understand for months:


I’ve spoken to the memory of a friend, a spirit that even now, months after his passing, continues to influence my words, and my actions.

His story is a shining example of why we must pursue our passions while we are here.

The dreams we have, the ideas we imagine, are meant for exploring.

Every one of us has an opportunity to express ourselves, to share ourselves as honest and open as we can…in pursuit of truth.

Truth that gets provided by the emotions we experience, the lives we create, and the energy we receive from those we love.

This is the first episode of “Inside the Minds Eye”, a podcast where we take an introspective look at the thoughts, ideas, and emotions experienced of those who are pursuing a dream.

The goal is to capture the magic of reality within the confines of a podcast, a prism into the heart and soul of those who live for passion.

Luciens passion has helped guide me into my own story. A story that will continue as I pursue a dream:

To develop a fully functioning social media platform built around an environment of non-judgement. A gateway into the thoughts, emotions, and ideas of any individual who engages with the platform.

A hub of connectivity, exploring ourselves introspectively on a social media client that provides real connections with other people who strive to be the truest version of themselves.

Its a lofty goal, but I have a vision, and I have faith…

Hopefully, with the help of others, we will be able to build something we can all experience.

-Adam Abramowitz-
Creative Director/Founder of U.I. Minds Eye

The Music Featured on this Episode:

“Inside the Minds Eye Theme”- Written and Produced by Chase Perry (Theme song includes elements of “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears and audio excerpts from David Foster Wallace and Alan Watts)

The background music for this episode was taken entirely from the album “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” by the band M83.

Tracks used in order of appearance are as follows:
“Where the Boats Go”
“When Will You Come Home’
“Soon, My Friend”
“My Tears are Becoming a Sea”

If you enjoy the episode and want to support the development of U.I. Minds Eye, please tell a friend and share with the world…every like, comment, share, and good word spreads the message as we explore within, for the world around us.

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