Chris Gregory (Blood, Sweat, and Dedication)

Chris Gregory realized he wanted to be a rapper when he was 8 years old.

As he grew, Chris began to use his creativity to counter the environment of gang activity and sordid social pressures surrounding Miami, FL.

Rapping became an outlet for his own frustration in response to the world around him.

Rather than be part of a system that produced gang violence, drug abuse, and negativity, Chris dove head first into music, cultivating a voice to combat the instabilities of every day life…

Rap music became his therapy.

An open forum of self-expression where he could escape into his mind and develop something positive in an environment that begged to hold him down.

Inside the Minds Eye w/ Chris Gregory Saavedra will be dropping soon on U.I. Minds Eye

Download, Listen, Share, and Support Chris at:

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