P Suade (The Bar Exam)

Each artist is given an opportunity to perform a song. If the crowd likes what they hear, the artist “Passes the Bar”, moving on to their next verse.

If the crowd is unimpressed, the artist must “Pass the Mic”.

At the end of each performance, a panel of judges gives feedback to each performer.

The video featured above is a short film I produced featuring the musical talents of our man P Suade. Continue reading P Suade (The Bar Exam)

“Next Up” -P Suade-

The thing about P Suade is his story; his past. The rap he creates bleeds introspection and frustration in response to the life he’s lived.

His first mixtape, “Relapse Prevention”, was an exercise in therapeutic self-expression. Attacking himself on record with an acceptance of where he’s been, and where he wants to go.

Acknowledging his past experiences; his life as a suburban white kid with a habit for drugs. Addressing his own ambivalence towards the world; searching for meaning in the madness of addiction. Continue reading “Next Up” -P Suade-

An Introduction to Dadge Parrish aka Forever (Freestyle Free-Flow)

Coming soon on Inside the Minds Eye (The Podcast): A conversation with Dadge Parrish aka “Forever”. Recently released from an 11 year bid in prison, Forever is taking his voice to the stage, guiding ears and eyes to the truth … Continue reading An Introduction to Dadge Parrish aka Forever (Freestyle Free-Flow)