Power Within: The Written Word


A few weeks ago, we sat down with Dadge Parrish to have a conversation. We talked about life behind bars and how he developed mental toughness to combat an environment of sordid social pressures.

We explored ideas of creativity and self-expression. Finding purpose in artistic projection.

In a world where the populace rules the day, where authority beckons orders behind you, where the sun is only given when allotted…

Against the onslaught of cruel conformity he held strong to the power within.

He became a figment of his imagination, cruising his talents to the promise of escape.

A sense of peace in all the madness he found his power within:

The Written Word

Our conversation will be coming soon on: Inside the Minds Eye w/ Dadge Parrish aka ‪#‎ForeverMusik‬—> (#ForeverMusik on Soundcloud)

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