An Introduction to Dadge Parrish aka Forever (Freestyle Free-Flow)

Coming soon on Inside the Minds Eye (The Podcast):

A conversation with Dadge Parrish aka “Forever”.

Recently released from an 11 year bid in prison, Forever is taking his voice to the stage, guiding ears and eyes to the truth of poverty, oppression, and the plight of a community. His community.

When you’ve been sentenced to 30+  years in prison, time can be spent in many ways…

Dadge Parrish used his time to develop a craft: Freestyle Rap.

The ability to hone in on your subconscious as the voice in your head flows wordplay to the tune of rhythm and poetry.

An opportunity to creatively express yourself, letting go of ideas as they stream from your mind, into the world.

To support Dadge, follow his Soundcloud page here–>Forever Musik on Soundcloud


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