An Introduction to Jennifer Ann Butler

What if addiction, eating disorders, bi-polar, ADHD, anxiety, over eating, over-consumption of social media content, depression etc. were just symptoms of a deeper problem; an inability to disconnect from a world that keeps us contained within a box of labels and expectations…

What if following your passions, or your dreams, was the solution to a problem created by the institutions we’ve been birthed into.

What if the struggle wasn’t to escape from our natural sensitivity, but to instead embrace it, allowing our inner self to be seen?

It’s not easy.

It takes courage, and a lot of pain…

Intense feelings of loneliness and isolation, self-doubt and confusion…

But, it can be done.

Here’s an article that was published today of someone doing just that:

Sensitivities = Superpowers

👆written by: JenniferAnnButler (
She’s just launched a GoFundMe, raising money to self-publish her first book- “Imperfect”

Here’s the link if you wanna throw some love towards realizing a life-long dream:


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