Snaps Up: “Lampshading After Midnight”

A gaggle of kids were hanging out in a parking lot across the street from my house.

Loud noises, laughter, and a lot of movement.

They began to pose in front of the convenience store.

This is a photograph of the photograph they took.

I call it: -Lampshading After Midnight-


Authors Note: “Lampshading” is a term to describe the outfit of the young woman in the photograph. Females that are “college” or “high school” age have created a trend; dressing in shirts that are bigger than their bodies.

Like a lamp that only exposes its leg beneath the shade, so do the young women in our community.

It appears that they wear nothing but a baggy t-shirt.

Its a style. And, its everywhere…

We had Tamagotchi’s and JNCO Jeans.

They have Pokemon GO and Lampshading.

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