The Post I Didn’t Want to Make

Our culture has evolved.

The infinite flow of information, and the ability for a person to choose, has equalized our voices in a sea of people who operate on fear.

Because of the internet, we are all the center of our own world. Like, all the time.

Even more so than in real life, because in real life, when people are with us, we are sharing space.

That’s not the case on the airwaves. Everything is at “me”.

It’s like a strongly worded, well thought out essay…

It doesn’t really do anything.

People will believe what they want to believe in, and now, everyone has a platform to participate.

The idea of “country” is just an idea.

And it’s going to be shifting, changing, and evolving.

It seems we’re about to go through some growing pains that will make the foundation of what America represents even stronger.

The Germany of 1944 enlisted kids who fought and died for their “country”. They were influenced by fear.

Their idea of “Germany” was totally different than, say, anyone who was born in Germany after 1985…

We only know what we’re shown, and we only do what we think is best.

In terms of America, you have to know what the problem is before you can work on a solution.

Right now, the only problem we’ve created is in our mind…

Nothing has happened yet.

The “world” as we perceive it is run on ideas, not actions.

The ideas that Trump spread used a rhetoric that allowed people to consider, and then believe, that “America” wasn’t great…

That the “Economy” was in shambles. That “Black Lives Matter” and “ISIS” were tearing us apart.


Everything in “quotes” is an idea. They are not based in reality.

He knew how to work them, and he used some of his own:

“The corrupt government” and the “biased media”.


And it’s not all Trumps fault either…

Every week there is something new.

Last week was the standing rock thing,

The week before was Trumps locker room banter tape whatever,

Then the whole police blue lives black lives all lives matter bullshit.

We’re all being influenced by a massive system that’s adjusting itself to the power of individual choice.

And for the first time in history, our thoughts are leading our actions, and we’re trying to figure out how to balance.

Reality is right now.

It’s what you choose to ingest. (The content in front of you).

And, it’s how we choose to perceive. (Giving “ideas” power over our emotional state).

It’s natural to feel afraid, to be anxious, or worried…

Hell, I am a lot of the time.

I’m nervous about sharing this right now.

I don’t want to be just another voice in a sea of faces sharing my own ideology, perspective, or opinion.

‘Cause I know I’m just doing the best I can, and I have no real affect on anything outside my own field of vision.

But that gives me hope, because that means I can do something, right now, to notice its happening and then change it.

I have the ability to make the lives of those I encounter better.

I can try and ease the fear sensors of those who are affected, and I can show up at work.

I can make it a point to be the change I want to see, and it will affect those I encounter today.

And for that reason, I’m hopeful and excited about the future.

Because we all have the power to choose.

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