Well Shit…After This: I’m Done

Every day we have an opportunity to take action in our own reality.

Right now, it’s me typing on a notepad to craft out an essay. As soon as I’m finished writing, I’ll be interacting with people who are struggling to combat a full range of mental health issues.

My “reality” is a daily attempt to understand the perspective of those who suffer.

And most of the people I engage with lack mindfulness.

It’s not their fault either…

Being mindful is not natural.

A human beings natural, “default” setting is: “ME”

“I’M hungry.”

“MY feelings hurt”

“She, or he, doesn’t agree with “ME”.”

Mindfulness allows a person to separate their “default setting” from who they really are:

A cosmic miracle in the form of human.

A being that sustains life in perfect harmony with everything there ever was.

Straight up.

Butterfly effect gone cosmic.

We are symbiotically linked to our environment (the earth) and every person who has ever existed helped pave the path we now walk on.

Mindfulness gives a person wisdom to assume, if they want to, that they might be wrong.

And a mindful individual perceives “reality” differently.

But, “reality” is a tough cookie to crack because it’s dependent on two things:

Individual life experience and environmental influences.


You are special and everything you’ve ever experienced will affect you in its own unique way.

What we’re seeing now is a collective confusion on how our own individual realities reside within a status quo regulated by likes, shares, and trends.

The internet, as a whole, fluctuates like an amoeba, and the way we choose to perceive information is affecting the state of our emotional well-being.

The entire system were in is cracking from the pressure.

No one really knows what to believe in, and the lower mind, the crocodile portion of our brain, is becoming inflated.

So a lot of us are doing the easy thing:

Cutting off thoughts and ideas that challenge our own beliefs.

Its human nature. We’ve been doing it forever.

The human brain can only comprehend so much, especially when there are issues that “seem” to affect us personally.

And everyone, I mean everyone (including me), is out of our jurisdiction.

That means I should stop writing right now.

But I’m not gonna.

The hive mind is speaking bullshit to the tune of:

“Look at this: this is the truth!”

“But he said this!”

“Oh ya? Well she did that!”

“Blah Blah Blah”

No one really knows what’s going on, yet we all claim to have a good perspective.

And because of that, we feel “the world” is out of control.

But “the world” (as we perceive it) is subjective.

My “world” is different than “your” world.

And it’s tough because none of us are together, sharing space physically in the present moment.

Whether anyone realizes any of this, or not…

It doesn’t really matter.

I enjoy the power to speak and the freedom to choose.

And I plan on staying proud.

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