No One Cares (And, We’re Still Gonna Die)

Everything you see, even these words, started out as an idea.

From the chair you’re sitting in, to the iPhone screen, to the paint on the walls, to the walls themselves…

The pen on your table, or the toaster in the kitchen.

Someone had an idea and decided to do something to make it happen.

The human spirit is infinitely capable of creating its desires.

The “self-doubt” we experience is programming. It’s our fear sensor sparking off a narrative that has been ingrained by society, parents, teachers, authority, and, most importantly, our own beliefs…

Which can be changed.

I never really know what I’m doing, I just try to do my best.

And I learn as I try.

But, the only way I began to believe was by challenging, and expressing, my self-doubt and fear.

My hopelessness and despair.

Expressing my emotions made them tangible. Observing my thoughts and feelings as separate entities, and then releasing them, allowed me to move past “who I was”.

It allowed me to take a step towards “who I wanted to be”:

Writing, speaking, and sharing showed me that I wasn’t alone and it was just part of the process.

Most of the help I’ve received has been from people that I’ve never met.

I’ve digested ideas that have allowed my mind to view unwanted thoughts or emotions as “resistance”- whose sole purpose is to prevent me from becoming.

And, like a warrior, I just try to fight it. To change the narrative. To have the courage to express, release, and then challenge my own perspective.

Because the fact is, in my life, there are no tigers or bears to fight. Only thoughts and ideas. And the world wants us to have an impact. The world needs people who believe…

And not in anything abstract either.

Just in this:

We are the only species on this planet that knows we are going to die. And because of this, it creates a drive, a desire, to try remarkable things.

To create, influence, and evolve.

To do things now for the potential of a better future.

And to me, there is nothing more magical than our ability to create things we have imagined.

From an idea in my head, to an expression on screen.

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