There is No “God”, Only Belief

There is no “God”…

But in belief, there is magic.

Since the dawn of human consciousness, we’ve looked to the sky and wondered.

We’ve observed the stars and imagined.

We’ve created stories to help ease the transition from life, to death.

We’ve embraced the beauty of a waking moment and sought gratitude towards our “maker”.

We’ve felt love, joy, pain, and sadness…

And, we’ve wondered why.

Why are we here? What does this mean?

The Norse Vikings believed they would receive eternal glory in Asgard after death. If they lived honorably, and fought couragesly, their souls would live on forever in the halls of Valhalla.

The Ancient Greeks believed that our spirit would release to The Underworld. A dark, foreboding plane ruled by the God Hades.

A Knight in service of the Lord prayed to Christ, asking forgiveness for his sins. Seeking acceptance into the gates of heaven.

A promise of infinite abundance in exchange for a lifetime of service. A practice of belief.

The Buddhist monk, observing an infinite moment. Focusing his mind on the physical plane to achieve nirvana in the now.

Spending hours on a task of symmetrical beauty; creating mandala tapestries of color and pattern with small grains of sand and dust.

Then, wiping it away as soon as it’s finished.

We live, we die, and the world continues on…

Transcendence. Enlightenment.

Putting the body (and mind) through strain in pursuit of presence in the moment. An observation of life; a body tested, and a mind shaped, in pursuit of wisdom.

Knowing that we will never know. And accepting life as we perceive it. Embracing, observing, and projecting thought into a peaceful display of solidarity.

The creativity we possess is infinite. We can imagine things, and see them in reality.

We can work our hands to build a hut.

We can influence our friends to keep us warm.

We can share ourselves and find connection.

A friend, a family, an idea.

Our awareness of mortality will forever spark an urge to understand our place.

Not only within a tribe of people; a congregation or a company, but within ourselves.

The human spirit is infinitely capable of fending for itself, and the power of our own belief has, and forever will, shape reality.

Individually. Perspectively.

We can choose what we want to believe in and live our lives accordingly.

We can experience magic every day.

Because there are 7 billion people on this planet…

and no one knows for sure why we’re here.

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