“Shared Space” (The APP)

We’re not building an app for everyone.

We’re building something to experience, and share, the human perspective.

An App for Authenticity


Being open and honest on a social network is difficult.

Shared Space will offer a gateway into open self-expression: a closed environment for sharing the emotions, experiences, and successes we encounter daily.

With a foundation rooted in the philosophies of Carl Rogers, Carl Jung, and Abraham Maslow, the software will help guide a user into a state of awareness for themselves and those around them.

The user will be able to experience, and share, introspective self-reflection provided by “journaling” or “talking” without the constraint of a real-time peer-to-peer experience.

Acting as a hub of connectivity, the user will explore themselves introspectively on an online client that provides, and encourages, authentic connections with other people.

Shared Space- “Exploring Within for the World Around Us”

The Developers

Writer/Creative Director: Adam Abramowitz



UI/UX Graphic Designer: Sandy Agüero



Software Engineer: Anil Prasad



Project Planner: Owen Skarpness



Software Engineer: Kiran Valsan



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