“Shared Space” (The APP)

An App for Authenticity

Being open and honest online is difficult.

Social networks like “Facebook”, “Instagram”, and “Snapchat” do not represent the truth of our human experience, they only offer a snapshot, or a highlight reel, of things we want people to see.

“Shared Space” will offer a gateway into open self-expression: a closed environment for sharing the emotions, experiences, and successes that we encounter daily.

A platform of shared discovery.

Our users will be able to experience the introspective reflection provided by “journaling” or “talking” without the influence of a network governed by “likes”, “comments”, “follows”, or “approval”.

With a foundation rooted in the philosophies of Carl Rogers, Carl Jung, and Abraham Maslow, our software will help guide a user into a state of awareness for themselves and those around them.

The act of unfiltered self-expression relieves a person from the cognitive reality they reside in. Engaging in the perspective of others allows us to better understand ourselves.

While participating on “Shared Space”, our users are encouraged to motivate one another, sending personalized messages in the form of audio or written word.

Our network will provide an opportunity to share perspectives with people who have gone through, or are going through, similar circumstances.

Acting as a hub of connectivity, the user will explore themselves introspectively on an online client that provides, and encourages, authentic connections with other people.

Shared Space- “Exploring Within for the World Around Us”

                       The Developers

Writer/Creative Director: Adam Abramowitz


UI/UX Graphic Designer: Sandy Agüero


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