The World is a Story Told By Us

Just because something is widely understood to be “true” doesn’t mean it is.

Most of what we understand to be facts are just ideological concepts. 

Like, “country” and “economy”.

They help us associate with a collectively defined unit of measurement. (Coordinates on our planet, societal values for monetary exchange)

But that doesn’t mean that they’re true.

The idea of “country”, that being born on a specific plot of land should delegate an individuals sense of belonging to a historical narrative, is absurd. It just doesn’t make sense.

Are we defined by the deeds of others? Or our own?

Or the idea that the “economy” is something real. It’s just a concept. An idea that is based upon a generalized measurement of value: currency. It’s a variable that changes depending upon the person who views it.

The other day I spent $40 on a pair of eclipse glasses. I would have gladly spent $100.

Most everything we experience is interpreted by our perspective…

Am I an American? If so, what does that mean? Is that painting worth $100, or $1000? Is my time worth minimum wage? Or is it worth a little bit more?

We live in a world that operates on concepts that were created by other people.

Most of what we “know” is fallible and open to interpretation.

The exciting thing about being human is the ability to decide what we want to believe in…

And nothing truly matters other than the way we perceive, and how we choose to digest the ideas and institutions of other people.

The world is a narrative to be interpreted, and defined, by us. We get to decide.

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