A Day in the Life: On the Road w/ P Suade, A-Z, and Jim

I stayed at an Air B&B for the first time this weekend. Here is my journal entry from today.

P.S. (For reader clarity) Patrick is P Suade and Jim is our new dad:

I woke up early and had coffee with Jim and we talked about volleyball, mission trips, and prisoner poetry. Then Patrick woke up and Jim took us for a stroll through the city of Lexington, SC. Jim’s lived here his whole life. He showed us the Main Street and we had lunch at his favorite restaurant called Libby’s where he goes with his wife sometimes.

After lunch, we all took a nap and then Patrick and I went to perform in Columbia, SC where we tore that shit down and then a buncha knuckleheads started a fight and they shut that shit down so we went to IHOP and we had the breakfast brunch burger and oh my lawd it was so good.


Here is our live performance in Columbia, SC:

(For my e-mail friends, click the picture above to watch the video. Its got great commentary by the girl who was filming.)

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