Inside the Minds Eye w/ Stephen Jensen Ep. 5

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This week, Stephen Jensen joins us for a conversation about the trials of life. Realizing where we are, accepting it, and dreaming a way forward.

From losing his mother at the age of 14, to working through a neurological disorder with his little brother, Jensen shares his life story.

He went from a soul sucking job in retail to interviewing, creating, and producing content about the stuff he loves: MMA and Pro Wrestling

He’s the video editor for MMA on Point:

And he hosts his own podcast called “Fight Talk” (available everywhere you get podcasts and on Twitter @FightTalk_)

If you wanna know how to get started in whatever endeavor your heart desires, listening to this episode would be a great start. AND we would love to hear from you if you need any help

Stephen Jensen on Twitter: @FightTalk_ or on Twitter @ShadeOfMyMind

Feel free to hit either of us up! And in the words of Sal Bandini…

Wanna wrastle???

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