Sun Downing: A Poem Captured at Sea


In this moment, a sense of remorse becomes me. A sun downing as my vessel approaches the dark of night.

Amidst the energetic fervor of a day gone by, each second bringing me joy, I find fear now, creeping in from the horizon.

The sun over casts itself across the deep expanse of blue, the ocean breathing fresh salt into my lungs as I explore emotion, an emotion that’s difficult to define, for words and feeling escape the coming night. The inevitable darkness that consumes all being.

The sun is down and the night extends itself to infinity. Piercing beneath my flesh, a dagger of decrepit description; in rust and remorse for the life I have lived today…

These precious moments of my fluid existence continue to flow, and as the sun downs, my spirit cries for it to stop. To remain with me.

Aerosmith, “I don’t wanna miss a thing”, and I haven’t, which makes it all the more remorseful. It was mine, the joy I experienced, and now, it’s gone. I was there for it, and for that, I miss even more.

The darkness reaches out, as my vessel continues to float, reminding me of infinity, for which I will reach, without a doubt.

Written and Photographed by: Adam Abramowitz

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