The Science of the Mind: Cosmic Consciousness 

An E-mail exchange between two individuals seeking to understand the inexplicable, incomprehensible, irrational reality of Life:

Well…I’m reading this book..more like studying…because it is DENSE. It’s called “The Science of Mind” By Ernest Holmes, written way back in the 20’s. And I can only tackle it in 30 minute sessions, and I’m jotting down notes like crazy and I still have to go back and re-read because trust me this material is…DENSE. But one thing in particular that he argues really struck a cord with me.

Holmes says that, ” All men seek a relationship with God, and “LIFE” reveals itself to whoever is receptive to it.” And I can truly understand the feeling of yearning for something or desiring that connection with God and my own spirit, and just being completely out of tune. It’s frustrating, KNOWING that something is there…and reaching for it, and feeling it, or brushing up against it and not really touching it at all.

Holmes also says, That we (Men) are “torn by confusion, conflict, by affirmation and denial, by emotion congested by fear, congealed by pride. We are afraid of the Universe in which we live…suspicious of people – uncertain of our own salvation – uncertain of our very souls. All of these things react negatively and cause physical disorder. When we learn to trust the universe, we shall be happy, prosperous and well.”

He wrote that in the 20’s when things were far less bizarre than they are today in 2016…but I feel like he has nailed the human condition, and thus…MY CONDITION. But I dont know, I’m still learning…still a babe…But the UNIVERSE is BIG you know? like…..infinite…and I think I’m starting to feel it a little.

Oh yeah dude definitely some great stuff…

I completely agree, and for me, the brain is like a computer processor that integrates and outputs in response to the stimulation of our environment…

Since birth, we assume an identity that correlates directly with everyone and everything around us. Each one of us is the “center” of our own universe. Life projects itself in front of our field of vision, while our mind interprets, processes, and analyzes the journey.

For me, the trick has been realizing that I am thinking.

Waking up to the idea that my own life is unique, and I have no control over anyone, or anything, that enters my field of vision. The best I can do, is observe, process, and influence.

The interesting thing about the human experience is our minds capacity to imagine infinitely…just like the universe.

In 1998 two scientists won the Nobel prize for proving, through mathematics and observation, that the universe is not only infinitely expanding, but it’s expanding exponentially. (It’s getting quicker in its creation, it’s reaching and growing faster and faster by the second)…

Just like our own consciousness.

As we live and learn, our mind is able to create, learn, and grow.
Some refer to this experience as “spiritual growth”…

But it’s something that can’t be easily defined, or explained, with something as simple as a label.

The fact is, ever since humans have been consciously aware, we have created stories to explain the irrational reality of existence. And, the basis of any story, is a minds imaginative response to real-life filtered through the brains infinite ability to create ideas.

With creativity, we are able to implant the dreamscape that resides in our mind, into the subconscious, or consciousness, of those around us…

A good story can influence, and potentially shift, a mind to accept a new perspective.

In my opinion, the ability to shift perception and say “I Don’t Know” is crucial as someone begins a path towards enlightenment.

Open mindedness and honesty. The key to unlocking the infinite potential each human being has within their heart: Passion, creativity, knowledge, and experience- the building blocks of a life well lived.

The funny thing is, it took me 26 years to realize that everything I have been shown, everything I have been taught, is open for debate.

There are 7 billion people on our planet. Scientists, theologians, religions, communities, politicians, doctors etc. and none of us have any definitive answers for “why we are here” and “what THIS truly is” (meaning life).

That means, my opinion is just as valuable as anyone else’s, and I can CHOOSE what I want to believe in…

And, with an open mind, and a willingness to assume that my opinion is just as wrong as everyone else’s, we are able to grow infinitely into the future.

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