The Science of the Mind: Cosmic Consciousness 

An E-mail exchange between two individuals seeking to understand the inexplicable, incomprehensible, irrational reality of Life: Well…I’m reading this book..more like studying…because it is DENSE. It’s called “The Science of Mind” By Ernest Holmes, written way back in the 20’s. And I can only tackle it in 30 minute sessions, and I’m jotting down notes like crazy and I still have to go back and re-read because trust me this material is…DENSE. But one thing in particular that he argues really struck a cord with me. Holmes says that, ” All men seek a relationship with God, and “LIFE” reveals itself … Continue reading The Science of the Mind: Cosmic Consciousness 

Field of Vision

Whether we realize it or not, our mind is working to process and interpret reality at a rate that is distinctly different than anyone else. As individuals, the world manifests itself specifically based on how we perceive it, and what we want out of it. That cookie in the cabinet that you’ve been thinking about? All you have to do is grab it. Continue reading Field of Vision

Mindfulness and Meditation: Not a Monk? Not a Problem

Author: Adam Abramowitz Eyes are opened and thoughts of destiny, reality, and awareness flow through me. “Don’t give up”, the song lyric repeats itself as a mantra as I focus on what I want and who I want to be. The man in my head that struggles to break free. Everything is perfect as I view silently ahead to see, tapped into the infinite moment of a human experience… How did I get here? Listening to the album, Dreams, by “The Whitest Boy Alive”, I contemplate the beauty in nature. I experience infinity in everything I see, feel, think, and … Continue reading Mindfulness and Meditation: Not a Monk? Not a Problem