I Survived Myself

Last October, Jennifer Ann Butler changed the direction of her website by taking a personal leap.

She had written an essay, a personal piece about her battle with depression.

Prior to publishing, Butler spoke of mostly spiritual, holistic topics…

Rather than create a new blog to separate her vulnerable self from her spiritual self, Butler took a chance and decided to share her own truth.

After releasing this essay, Jen began to explore her insecurities, publicly, for the world to see.

A few months later, she was inspired to draft a manuscript.

Click the link below to listen to “I Survived Myself”, an essay on depression:

Or, listen on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/inside-the-minds-eye/id1054275204?mt=2&i=368806011

Jennifer Butler is a writer whose primary focus is connecting and inspiring through unabashed honesty. She looks forward to utilizing her story and approach to do inspirational speaking so as to help others embrace their sensitivities. She enjoys hugging trees, picking up litter, and talking to her dog, Floyd. Check out her blog at www.jenniferannbutler.com.

She’s just launched a GoFundMe, raising money to self-publish her first book- “Imperfect”

Here’s the link if you wanna throw some love towards realizing a life-long dream:


Music featured for this recording:

“In Truth” -Written and Produced by Neon Motive

“Main Theme”- Written and Produced for the feature film: The Truman Show

“Clubbed to Death”- Written and Produced for the feature film: The Matrix

“Inside the Minds Eye Theme” – Written and Produced by Chase Perry

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