Stefan Glamp: Miracle Gaze

Stefan Glamp stopped by the house yesterday afternoon..

He watches us. Each and everyone one of us. His eyes pierce the window of your soul. In his gaze, time holds no meaning. Thoughts whisper past your subconscious…

“You’re a champion.”

“You’re doin’ it”

“They think they’re better than you…”

They are.

But because of this, you’re inspired.

You feel no remorse, or pity. No self-doubt or complacency.

You feel energy.

You feel re-invigorated.

You feel the need to prove your worth to Stefan.



In his eyes, you discover past, present, and future hold no meaning.

The only thing that matters is the metaphysical handshake Stefan endows upon your flesh; gripping, grasping…churning your once proud hand into a semblance of puddy.

And from this puddy, you emerge.

Stronger, wiser, more confident.

From this metaphysical handshake, where the best are beaten and discomfort rises to an unstable, earth reverberating climax of weirdness…

You’ve been reborn.

Ready to take on the day…


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