He was her unicorn,

a beautiful creature that remained

so perfectly unattained.

She thrives on chasing unicorns,

confuses pleasure with pain,

and waters a garden of thorns.

Deceived by her own lies,

what is myth, becomes her truth.

But he was her unicorn,

and unicorns don’t die.

He was her unicorn–

her favorite lie.


This piece is an example of an unrequited love from the past. 

The subject of unicorns was chosen to represent a creature that I saw as mystical, beautiful, and surreal. 

Because I thrive on challenges, I sometimes wonder if I merely fell in love with the chase and the possibility of catching him, or did I fall in love with a being that only existed in my dreams, much like a unicorn? 

Either way, he is the epitome of a unicorn, a beautiful illusion. Although metaphorical, the inspiration to this piece also has a fascination for unicorns, so I ran with that, since he is mine. 

Written By: Mary Margaret Shaw (click the link to visit her Facebook page)

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