Collective Consciousness

We would have no conception of age if our parents hadn’t told use when we were born.

The only reason we know how old we are is because we trust people.

If it weren’t for the observations of men and women who looked to the sky, we would have no foundation for fact.

They documented patterns in nature: the changing of seasons, the appearance of constellations; the cosmic clock that ticks in tune to our laws of physics.

The stars in the sky acted as data points for referencing the orbit of our planet around the sun.

They noticed these patterns and documented them to pass on.

Every idea we have comes from this source. A collective consciousness of those who looked up and wondered.

I’m 28.7 years old.

Im just now beginning to understand that everything I am, everything I know, is based on the trust of those who came before me, those around me.

If there is no trust, there is no growth. There is no evolution. The stars are just pin cushions of light illuminating the night.

It’s effective to trust. To use fact in an attempt to understand.

It’s invigorating to remove fact, to remove trust, and just look up to wonder:


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