A Boy and his Dog

I started doing creative writing exercises from a book called:


Every day, you’re given 3 prompts to write about.

One 5 minute exercise, another 10 minute exercise, and a 90 second exercise.

The follow short story is from Day 12 of “Songwriting without Boundaries”.

I was given the prompt- “A cliff by the ocean” with a timer to write for 5 minutes.

The first thought that popped into my head was Falkor, the great dog dragon, standing atop a cliff


Falkor stood next to the surging waves, his hind-leg pitched to preserve his massive length.

Over the edge, the ocean swept infinitely forward, a mirage of magnetic propulsion, drawing him in, beckoning for flight.

Atreyu lay back against the cavern wall. Body torn to pieces, arrows puncturing his chest.

Blood trickled down his mouth as he squinted to see the great dragon one last time:

“Falkor……for the freedom of us all…you must gggggg….

His voice trailed off as his body fell limp, a final breath leaving his body.

Silence pierced the air as waves rumbled against the high mountain.


Falkor let out a massive roar as the goblins scurried back into the cave.

With a whip of his tail, Falkor thrust his hind legs against the grit of earth and tore upwards toward the sky.

The goblin king stood back in the cavern, eyes ablaze:

“We shall end that cursed dog dragon! Steel yourself lads!! Ready your arrows!! The mines of Gloomingdeep shall preserve us!!!”

Falkor whipped around mid flight and tore towards the opening of the mountain, his white scales glistening with the rage of a million suns.

Then he landed on top of the goblin king totally crushing him like goblin play doh and all the rest of the goblins were like “wtf dude! That was our dude!!”

And then Falkor ate all the rest of them like they were dog treats and turned back to Atreyu, limp against the cavern wall.

“My little baby boy Atreyu. I will preserve you and wear you around my neck like a talisman to remind the world of all of our adventures. You may be gone, my fair Atreyu, but you will live on in memory.”

With a great whip, Falkor flung Atreyu’s body on his back and turned to look at the dismembered totally half eaten goblin corpses.

“RIP bitches”.

And then Falkor leapt off of the ground and took off towards the sun, a million adventures in store for him and his Atreyu.

-The End 😉


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