Inside the Minds Eye w/ Sam Rathvon (Artistry, Bi-Polar, and Zen) Ep. 6

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Sam Rathvon is a man of many talents. He has his own woodworking shop, a coup full of chickens, and an eye for all things artistry.

He’s a savant of a drawer (he designed my tattoo) and he’s also been institutionalized for bi-polar and depression #swag

Our paths crossed 7 years ago when we began a relationship as sponsor/sponsee, and today, he joins me for a conversation all about the way.

And not just any way, but “the way”

#taoism frick ya

Getting out of our own way to realize spontaneity and authenticity in our lives.

It’s very Zen and my ego totally got destroyed by the end of the convo.

He also shares his experience in a psych ward and we discuss how our relationship has evolved over the years.

When the student pwns the teacher, and the teacher becomes the student

This is Inside the Minds Eye w/ Sam Rathvon

and feel free to hit us up with your thoughts, ideas, and experience with the episode!

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