“The Makings of a Hero” (Morning Fiction 5/14/2018)

“Time continues to flow, the people you meet will come and go, even you. There is no permanency. Eventually, you’ll be gone.”

She kneeled to the floor, tears streaming softly down her face.

“While you’re there, you’ll have them with you. You can’t touch them, or talk to them, or even see them. But up here…” Continue reading “The Makings of a Hero” (Morning Fiction 5/14/2018)

“The Conductor and his Muse” (Morning Fiction 5/8/2018)

Sound pierced the airwaves as the composer sat back in his chair.

The orchestra expressed itself in the music, hands moving in unison as violins and oboes struck vibration through space.

The tension of the music built as the composer absorbed the wave of feeling. The music he had written… Continue reading “The Conductor and his Muse” (Morning Fiction 5/8/2018)

Heavens Gate


The world reverberated; instant black. A dreamscape of memory obscuring his field of vision.

“Where am I?”

Time ceased to exist. A thousand experiences and an all encompassing emotion punching softly in the dark.

He saw his body slumped softly on the floor, blood pooling around his torso. A crowd of people scattering frantically in slow motion. Tables and desks overturned as his vision recedes into the past… Continue reading Heavens Gate