Saturday Nite Write (Th Th Th Think About It)

I was laying on the trampoline listening to music and reading a book when I started sharing a bunch of quotes on Twitter (@InsideTheMindsE)

Along the way, I wrote out some ideas which I will share with you now:


The idea: We’re not who we think we are

When we attach to an identity, we lose the flow of what wants to be.

I’d venture to say thats why we refer to ourselves as Human Beings.

Or in other words, a “being” of Human.

It’s not a static term, it’s almost like a verb. A “happening” in the form of Human if you will. A self-aware representation of nature and…

There are no straight lines in nature. Everything is curvy

Like a conch:

lord of the flies conch

Or the ocean:


a mountain and our bodies:


But we box ourselves in:


We define, identify, and label. We stay sticky and stale, glued to ideas of who we think we are or how we think we should be.

And anything stale in nature stresses itself out. It withers and dies.

If anything, I’d say we’re an action. An expression.

Just as our cosmos is in constant motion, so are our bodies (blood, breath, and biology).

A verb organically peopling from the planet:

P.S. The idea of the planet “peopling” is straight from Alan Watts. One of the best philosobros i’ve never known.

(For my e-mail friends, click the alien pic above to watch a short video of Alan Watts explaining the idea)

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