Awareness: It’s a Muscle (Get a Pump In)

Reality is God and it’s happening now.

Like a verb. It’s not something with a plan or a direction…it’s an expression.

It’s life as it unfolds forward in all directions, inward and out.

I talked to a friend on the phone yesterday.

He’s having trouble figuring out who he is and what he likes to do.

He’s aware that he has potential beyond his current state, but he’s unable to associate, unable to feeeeel like he’s making progress.

I told him that he should sit and listen.

Take out a piece of paper and write whatever thoughts come to mind.

Let himself be in the moment, with nowhere, and nothing, to do.

The exercise cultivates self-awareness. It gives an opportunity to see mental dialogue without being distracted by someone else’s thoughts (or opinions) as to the state of our being.

Listen, be silent, and see.

Write what comes to surface, then detach.

Look at your environment. Inhale.

Observe the breath, the birds, and the trees. Exhale.

Listen to what your mind is doing. Let the thoughts, projections, and imagery pass.

Settle back in the moment. Refocus attention to your body, your surroundings.

It’s an opportunity to get in touch with Reality- with the life experience as it unfolds.

Difficulties arise because we spend too much time engaged with the thoughts and ideas of other people.

We bounce back and forth all day long, potentially causing our own voice to be reprogrammed, or overwritten.

There is no truth there. Just verbal gymnastics.

And it can prevent us from getting in touch with our authentic nature: our inner voice, or intuition.

To truly understand oneself, one must listen.

We are not our thoughts or our feelings. We are not our ideas or expectations of what life should be.

We aren’t even the thing that thinks it’s the thing that’s reading these words.

If we want to get close to God, or Reality, we need to sit, be silent, and experience whatever comes to surface.

Awareness. It’s a muscle.

Get a pump in


P.S. One of my psychedelic space comrades from back in the day sent me this video. It’s a total jam. If ya wanna trip out, listen to this dude work his magic:

For my e-mail friends, tap the picture of Marc Rebillet to take a journey into the magic of muuuusic (also great for your meditative practice)

P.P.S. Shouts out to Joe, Patrick, & Decker for all the jams

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