“I Am” (Late for a Dinner Date)

Written by: Garret Golden

Who am I? What am I? I’ve once heard a wise man by the name of Ted Dekker say these words, “I Am”… He did not say ‘I am what I am’, because that puts identity on one’s self. I have to realize my true essence has no possession, no roots grounded into this person writing this paper, this man who strives to be the best example of love to others who walk upon this earth, to the earth herself. I am not an individual with the title of Garrett Golden. I am not a friend, I am not a son, I am not a brother, I am not an enemy of some unknown flesh, bone or blood. I am not an alcoholic, nor am I an addict. I am not white, I am not male. To label myself these things simply states, ‘I am what I am’. In my true form, in my essence of living, I just Am. I Am!!! The truest and purist harmony with Source, The Creator, Great Spirit, God, Higher Power. Whatever you want to call it.

It seems that people struggle for identity desperately, only to cling onto it like a piece of a wooden hull from a shipwreck in the middle of a wrathful ocean. The Human Race cries out for identity. When I unshackle my flesh from any sense of the idea, I can live in harmonious peace, hand in hand with the universe.

Identity ushers me into the wake of madness. It tells me I need to hold onto my ego and my pride. It tells me I need those elementary elements of the primordial self from (my earlier self, being an ancestor of the Human Race) to survive, to get what is mine, what I deserve. It bridges gaps from me to other people, which in the truest of forms, other people are an extension of self. My identity and beliefs, or moral compass, can cause damage to others ego or pride. This damage can act out in all sorts of ways, such as: hatred, morbid thoughts, deceit, betrayal, or anything that disrupts peace, love, compassion. And vice-versa.

I would like to keep writing, this is something to my soul. This is emotional to me in ways that I never thought could happen simply by placing pen to paper. Albeit, I must go now. I am running late to a dinner date… ©

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