Salty Bro Book Club! “The Riddle of the Self” (Waking Up w/ Sam Harris) Ep. 3

Am I me? Are you, you? What is “me”? What is the thinker of the thoughts? *Zoolander voice* “Who am I???” cue the blue steel as Stefan G. joins us for a discussion on the nature of consciousness, spirituality, and the illusion of the self! Continue reading Salty Bro Book Club! “The Riddle of the Self” (Waking Up w/ Sam Harris) Ep. 3

“I Am” (Late for a Dinner Date)

Written by: Garret Golden

Who am I? What am I? I’ve once heard a wise man by the name of Ted Dekker say these words, “I Am”… He did not say ‘I am what I am’, because that puts identity on one’s self. I have to realize my true essence has no possession, no roots grounded into this person writing this paper, this man who strives to be the best example of love to others who walk upon this earth, to the earth herself. I am not an individual with the title of Garrett Golden. Continue reading ““I Am” (Late for a Dinner Date)”

The Story of Socrates

Author: Adam Abramowitz

The following passage is an excerpt from my novel, “A Glance Inside the Minds Eye”…

“All of the information that I retained about Socrates in college got filtered through my brain and projected as an image, a scene…

             The Story of Socrates

The guardsman’s keys rattled as he led Plato down the musky corridor of the lower jail cell. A stench of sweat, feces, and rust permeated throughout the hallway. To his left, Plato saw the shadow of a man, hunched in the corner of his cell, scratching and clawing at the top of his head. Clumps of hair were scattered throughout his cell and his tattered rags were draped over his shoulder. Continue reading “The Story of Socrates”