“A Glance Inside the Minds Eye” Part 3: A Step Into Spirituality

While on the birthright trip, I encountered a young man. Erick. He seemed different to me, he seemed at peace. He held himself with an air of serenity. Almost instantly, I noticed he was prominently placed anywhere we were. Prominently placed by his own vibe, his own energy. I could sense something that drew me to him. Something that caught my attention, despite the massive amount of frantic energy provided by a group of recovering alcoholics on vacation.

He didn’t speak much, he smiled occasionally. There was something about him and I couldn’t place it. I began to observe him… Continue reading “A Glance Inside the Minds Eye” Part 3: A Step Into Spirituality

Inside the Minds Eye w/ Jennifer Ann Butler

In this podcast, Jen shares her experience of going to AA meetings every day in search of God.

She describes how implementing healthy eating, exercise, and sugar restriction reformatted her brain to remove the craving for drugs & alcohol.

And, we discuss the feels felt while approaching the 4th step, an effect that caused Jen to begin writing “Imperfect” as a way to procrastinate on her step work. Continue reading Inside the Minds Eye w/ Jennifer Ann Butler

Friday Night Write w/ Will Conrad

“Friday Night Write” is a podcast where writers share their work to the tune of ambient soundscapes.

Each episode will be an audio excursion into the mind of an individual as they share their art with the world.

Each guest on the show will read their work as music guides our ears towards artistic self-expression. Continue reading Friday Night Write w/ Will Conrad

Believing in Ourselves

A message from “Sly” aka Andrew Downard (Hip-Hop Artist and Producer at Rhythm and Poetry Records) on the importance of believing in ourselves: Check out “Sly’s” new style of self-actualized flow, spitting verses to the tune of universal consciousness here: And, if you dig his technique, and want to support his art, throw “Sly” a like at http://www.facebook.com/slywithrhymes Continue reading Believing in Ourselves

Fate, Destiny, & God: In Search of Truth

Just as the cosmos expands exponentially into infinity, creating and evolving itself, so does the human mind… A visual excursion into the minds of “Good Guy” Garrett Golden & Adam Abramowitz Written by Garrett just prior to filming: “It’s 1:05pm. Good morning. I’m just waking up, dislike it much I do. I’ve been extremely busy this past week between work, Thanksgiving holiday, and moving into a new home. Today is Saturday, and it’s almost over. Sleeping this late into the afternoon is not worth it to me. It was not worth staying up till 5:30am and wasting away my day. … Continue reading Fate, Destiny, & God: In Search of Truth