Always and Forever: Life after Death

Written by: Adam Abramowitz

It’s interesting how memories and feelings blend together in our minds, especially when we think of a person. It’s almost like the moments we’ve shared with someone get processed in our brain and stored for access.

I can think of someone I’ve loved and the remnants of their reverberated energy spike my emotions, invigorating my spirit and surging my senses.

I think of my grandparents, Doris and Frasier, they both have passed on. But in this moment, as I contemplate love, I realize the energy they have left on my own life is reverberating through these words.

A ripple effect of influence.

Even though they are gone, even though I will never speak, see, or hear from them ever again, the love I had for them, the lessons and essence of life they shared while they were alive, is just as prominent.

In a sense, they are with me now and forever.

The same goes for people from my past, present, and my future; even people I have never met. I can love freely, knowing that anyone I ever meet will always be with me.           IMG_4660IMG_4659IMG_4658

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